Aspire BP60 Pod Kit

  • £20.00

The Aspire BP60 comes with a magnetic attachment, which means it’s quick and easy to attach the pod to the device. Push-fit coils ensure that changing the coil is quick and easy. A side-airflow adjustment ring provides precise control over the air entering your vape, and allows you to choose between a restricted or airy vape - or anywhere in between.

The Aspire BP60 is controlled by an ASP chipset which can automatically detect the resistance of the coil you are using. It then delivers the optimum power supply, suggests the best wattage and applies a maximum wattage setting. This can ensure you get the best quality vapour without having to use trial and error, and means your coils can last longer because they are used at the correct wattage.

The BP60 comes with a choice of auto-draw or button activation, depending on the setting you choose. A dust cap ensures the coil and mouthpiece is kept clean and hygienic when not in use.

The device is powered by a 1400 mAh battery - the first internal LiPo Ion battery Aspire has released. An ASP 60 chipset regulates the power of the device and provides a number of protections

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