Pod Salt GO Disposable E-Cigarettes 500+ Puffs

Pod Salt GO Disposable E-Cigarettes 500+ Puffs

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The Pod Salt Go brings disposable vaping right up to date with this series of sleek devices. Prefilled with 2ml of nic salt vape liquid available in 2.0% (20mg) strength and a range of delicious flavours, the Pod Salt Go provides vapers with a satisfying experience. A 400mAh automatic battery is built-in to the device and setting up is as easy as removing from the package and inhaling.

With no e-liquid to refill or batteries to charge, the Pod Salt Go is ideal for use on days out when carrying a larger device is inconvenient. The integrated coil is surrounded by organic cotton to maximise the flavour produced and can last up to 500 puffs depending on usage before a new device is needed.

20mg/ml Nicotine

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