TEN MOTIVES Disposable Menthol

TEN MOTIVES Disposable Menthol

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0 Motives Menthol Disposable Electronic Cigarettes contains the equivalent to 40 traditional cigarettes.

While traditional cigarette packets only last for the amount you have bought, just one of these disposable cigarettes can be used up to 40 times, ensuring that the customer gets great value for money.

Ten Motives have ensured that these menthol disposables offer great value, while providing a quality vaping experience. This is smoking without the smoke; menthol disposables provide the nicotine fix without the tobacco. A menthol vapour is inhaled, not smoke, providing a refreshing, tobacco-free experience.

*Active ingriedients: Propylene Glycol, Glycerine, Vegetable Glycerin, May contain nut traces*

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